How to Get Rid of the Fear of Missing Out: A Survival Guide for Singles

Stoping your comparison game will enable you to live the life of your dreams.

The Fear of Missing Out May Set You up for Stupid Decisions


1. No-One Directs Your Life Better Than God

2. You Embrace God’s Perfect Plan by Letting Go

If we let go — which means to risk to miss out — we will not miss out because we embrace what God, who can do far more than all that we ask or think, set out before us.

3. God’s Provision Exceeds the Result of Your Efforts

4. God’s Goodness Fuels Your Joy

5. God Draws You Close to Him

6. Your Desires Align With God’s

7. Even If I Miss Out, God Can Turn the Situation Around

8. God’s Gift Is Always Better

9. Being Single, You Have the Priviledge to Enjoy Many Advantages

The Takeaway

Stop comparing yourself with others. Start enjoying your present life.